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Ambitious Love Project

The AMBITIOUS LOVE PROJECT is an initiative by pro athlete, Jordan Kunaszyk, to empower youth through encouragement and solution-oriented processes to help them become the best versions of themselves. The project aims to affect the lives of middle and high school teens with words of affirmation, leadership skills, and developing the tools necessary to get through adversity in life.


As a young man having gone through much adversity in life, school, and athletics, JK has found a way to make his dreams a reality. Though far from perfect, his hope is to share his experience and help others set and accomplish their goals. ​

Now that he is where he is and you are here, JK wants to speak to you directly and give you words of encouragement, advice, or anything to help you in this moment.



Being a leader is something that you work to achieve, something you are pushed into, or something that your are born with. For JK, it was something that was part of his being. It was something that God called him to be. ​


As a devout Christian man, he feels that it is his calling to serve and make a positive impact on the lives of the youth. These are the young men and women who will be leading in the days to come and as he was inspired and helped by the leaders that came before him, he now wants to give back. ​ If you would like JK to come and speak at your school, click the button below. ​

JK as he shares his journey and his views and experiences with mental skill building.

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